Friday, April 29, 2011

What pakistan expect from us?

The situation in Pakistan speaks for itself. Minor changes will not achieve desired success. Pakistan would expect from its youth to achieve a positive revolution in this motherland based on ideology of our country through the wonderful and energetic youth of Pakistan regardless of Caste, Sects, Religion, Region or any other background differences.

Pakistan would also want her youth to UPLIFT, GROWTH, SURVIVAL & STRENGTHENING of our spiritual & cultural beliefs in order to restore her INTEGRITY through a provoked and passionate team which work with zeal and devotion to make her a Modern, Progressive Islamic Welfare State.

So what do we, the youth, of pakistan think about the exceptations of Pakistan? Are we ready to think about pakistan? Are we ready to take the initiative to trigger the progress button? The answer is definately we are ready and we are capable of doing all what pakistan expect from us.

Let's take a moment to think about our motherland. This blog is for those who dare to think and think positively.